Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to wrap for the gift-giving of the flat miniature ornaments

Yeah!!! My first 16 ornaments from my book have all been posted. I don't have to print any more books now. There are more to come but I thought it is time to post how I prepare the miniature ornaments for gift-giving. You know how important this ministry is to me. If you have not already done so, please read this blog!

First the flat ones:

I seal a #10 envelope and print the explanation of what a Chrismon is on one side and the explanation of the symbol I am wrapping up on the other. It depends on the printer. Sometimes I can print on the envelope straight from the computer, sometimes I have to print on letter paper and then copy on the envelopes.

Cut a little off the short side. Keep in mind though that you will turn the edge over so that nothing can fall out.

Punch a hole or two, however you like it and use pipe cleaners cut into short pieces or ribbon to close it. Do not glue or tape because the envelope should be used to store the ornament every year. This way the explanation does not get lost.

Important: Before you put the ornament into the envelope, wrap it in a piece of the green tissue paper you can get from the florist. It is acid free and keeps the wire from tarnishing.

When you take the ornament out to decorate, leave the tissue paper in the envelope!

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