Saturday, November 2, 2013


Wheat from the fields is made into bread and grapes from the vineyard are made into wine, the symbols of Christ’s body broken and blood poured out for us on the cross. The wine recalls festivity and celebration, along with sacrifice. As we eat the bread and drink the wine at Holy Eucharist, we believe that the body and blood of Christ are really present.
Grapes are used in many passages in the Bible to teach us lessons.
"When you harvest the grapes in your vineyard, do not go over the vines again. Leave what remains for the stranger, the orphan and the widow." (Deuteronomy 24:21)
"Each tree is recognized by its own fruit. People do not pick figs from thornbushes, or grapes from briers." (Luke 6:44)

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Weizen von den Feldern wird zu Brot und Traubenaus dem Weinberg zu Wein gemacht, die Symbole des Leibes Christi gebrochen undBlut für uns am Kreuz vergossen. Der Wein erinnert an Fest und Feier, zusammenmit Aufopferung. Wenn wir beim Abendmahl das Brot essen und den Wein trinkenglauben wir, dass der Körper und das Blut Christi wirklich anwesend sind.

Die Trauben werden an vielen Stellen in der Bibel zuLektionen gebraucht.

“Wenndu deinen Weinberg abgelesen hast, so sollst du nicht nachlesen; es soll demFremdling, der Waise und der Witwe zufallen.” (Deuteronomium24:21)

“Dennjeder Baum wird an seiner eigenen Frucht erkannt. Man pflückt ja nicht Feigenvon den Dornen, auch liest man nicht Trauben von den Hecken.” (Lukas 6,44)
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And here is the PDF "Grapes" for you to download.
Please do not sell the patterns or the ornaments. If you give them as gifts, please always include the explanation of the symbol.
I would love to hear from all who are using my patterns. It would be nice to know that my efforts are not in vain. You find my email address on the pattern if you have any question about it. Happy to help.
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updated 2016-01-23:

I am also a lacemaker and am working on what I have dreamed about for quite some time:
the Chrismons in Lace Series.
This is a design by Brigitte Bellon. She is incredible generous and allowed me to share her pattern here with you for your own personal use "PDF Grapes".

Here is my finished lace for my Advent calendar:



  1. This is a beautiful Chrismon. Thank you for sharing the instructions. I can't wait to get started on one for my tree.

    1. Thank you. This one is a bit difficult. It's the only one my friend from Grace Church didn't like. He preferred the "tidy" one (see foot note on page one of pattern). Let me know what you think when you made one, please.

  2. I have always wanted to make grapes. This is a lovely bunch. Can't wait to try it! Have you ever made a rose for the Rose of Sharon.

  3. The grape Chrismon is lovely. They are all pretty but this is my favorite

    1. Christina, I am sure you mean the lace version. It's a bit more "involved" but I loved making it.