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If you find this because you 'googled' on "Chrismons", I feel you need to also be aware of what I wrote in the beginning. The Blog Archive might not make you aware of all you can find here.

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Christian Symbols Christmas Ornaments - Introduction

Christian Symbols Christmas Ornaments - The History

A Church Ministry

Tools and material you need

How to wrap for the gift-giving of the flat miniature ornaments

How to wrap for the gift-giving of the 3-D miniature ornaments


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful patterns and the meaning of each symbol. It is wonderful work you are doing.

    1. I had computer problems (sigh) and was not able to work on this for a while. I was so happy when I found your comment. Thank you so much. Sometimes you get discouraged when you think whether anybody really wants this. Blessings!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing these patterns and your story. Our church has a Chrismon tree, but we needed to replace some ornaments and pick up some new designs. You have helped us tremendously. God bless you!

  3. Hello Mrs. Christa,

    I came across your blog with Chrismons and I was very excited about your ministry and your creative ornaments! Our church (Spirit of Hope Lutheran Church in Parker, Colorado) is starting the Chrismon ministry, we have about 20 different kinds of ornaments. We would like to ask you if it would be possible for us to use some of your patterns for our new Chrismons. On your patterns it says please don't copy. Should we use only your blog site as a reference for making the Chrismons or can we copy a particular pattern just for our church need? Please, let us know. Thank you and God bless you for your beautiful creations and sharing with the world. Andrea Hoyt

    1. Hello Andrea! Nice to hear from you. I am not sure what you mean with "starting the Chrismon Ministry, we have about 20 different kinds of ornaments". Do you mean a Chrismon tree or the yearly gift to the children? The gift to the children is ONE symbol each year.
      Anyway, of course you need to print the pattern when you work on making them for the church. That's o.k. Just no selling etc.
      Good luck to you all. Would love to receive photos from you to put in a blog (?) And thank you for your kind words.

    2. Hello Mrs. Christa,
      Thank you for letting us use your patterns at our church. We are starting to make ornaments for our tree. We will not have gifts for the children this year but they will help to make some Chrismons this coming Sunday. :)
      Yes, we will send you some pictures.
      Thank you again, Andrea

    3. Thank you Mrs. Christa,
      I know this took at lot of time on your part to put all of this great information into format. I am going to be hosting a Chrismon work shop this summer for our church and wanted to get the patterns for them. I am going to do my own first for my personal tree next year and that way I know how to make them. We have some in my church but a lot needs to be replace. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to the ministry of Christ.

    4. Merry Christmas Eve, Tammy!
      Thank you for your kind words. Your plan sounds very nice. When you do a workshop for the church tree you will use the bigger beads, I am sure. I found that most people learn much easier with the big ornaments then the small beads for personal trees. Good luck to you and please send me some pictures for the blog.

  4. Hi Christa, I have made seven chrismons from your patterns and absolutely love how they look! Thank you for sharing your gift of design! As I have been gathering supplies for the Wheat Chrismon, I am unable to easily find the gold foil. Will you please share where you found your roll of gold foil?
    Thank you,

    1. Beth, I have your answer but I am not at home and don’t have my computer. I try to write a blog with a photo on my iPad but it is frustrating. Keep checking the blogs. Latest in 10 days I can do it.